Mother Tongue AI

We help global brands improve their GenAI models to optimize the human-AI experience for users all over the world.

Our AI Solutions
Choose from our range of scalable and customizable AI content solutions that deliver a seamless user experience.
Conversational UX Optimization

Enhance user experience and design content with your audience in mind. Our Conversational UX Optimization solution allows you to customize your responses for specific use cases, improving the flow and style of your conversational content to help you deliver a tailored user experience.

Content Management

Create and maintain impactful content for Reinforcement Learning (RL) and Reinforcement Learning from Human Feedback (RLHF). Our highly trained human editors provide feedback to optimize large language models (LLMs) for text, voice, and multimodal products.

Bot Persona Development

Bolster your brand identity with a bespoke bot persona that’s tailor-made for you and your users. And with style guide creation and implementation to ensure quality and consistency across languages and use cases, you can guarantee your bot will always be on-brand.

Trust & Safety

Foster a safe and compliant user environment with rules and guidelines origination, edge case collection, safety issues categorization, and disclaimer strategy implementation. Our Trust and Safety solutions ensure your responses are always aligned with your company’s policies, giving you total peace of mind.

Interested in More Solutions?

Our parent company, Mother Tongue, offers a broad set of services to deliver engaging, locally relevant content, in any language.

Why Mother Tongue AI?
Highly Trained Talent
We offer a unique, diverse talent pool that covers both English and international markets. All of our linguists are specially selected for their subject matter expertise, and undergo continuous training tailored to our clients’ products and processes.
Dedicated Unit
Mother Tongue AI is home to a dedicated team of AI-specialist linguists and program managers, who operate as a distinct unit within the business. Deep subject matter expertise combined with hands-on experience bring you specialist guidance every step of the way.
Product Expertise
We do more than simply providing talent. We have a deep understanding of our clients’ products, and we use this expertise to help shape and inform our collective ways of working.
Agility & Scale
We are recognized for our ability to scale and adapt. We pivot around our clients’ requirements and build high-performing teams at speed – delivering immediate impact in a minimal amount of time.
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